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Address: 109/964 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon VIC 3040, Australia
Contact: (03) 9331 4700

ACME Building Consultants is a team of qualified and experienced professionals committed to providing consistently reliable and excellent service from our office based in Essendon.

We have the resources and have built excellent industry relationships over time to provide you with everything you need to succeed in building certification and approvals.

The Challenge

ACME approached us to consider a replacement for their ageing Windows 3.1-era surveying software.

Our Solution

Within a complex and highly-regulated industry, CoreMind developed a bespoke application. We built a web-based application in RubyOnRails and with back-end Linux and windows integrations. In this project, we integrated a number of technologies such as telephony, SMS, printing (through the back end of the app), AutoHotkey (to drive Adobe Acrobat via simulated mouse & key actions, as open source PDF libraries were not accurate enough back then), WebDAV (to directly serve documents for subsequent workflows in Word, rather than building these complex templates into the app), and more.

We also developed custom “human in the loop” interfaces, which is typical of the way we work. i.e. Build great interfaces for a particular role to interact with for particular workflows – in this case. we significantly enhanced scheduling building inspections by building a drag-and-drop interface that integrated with Google Maps to visually display where to cluster things.

The Results

With CoreMind’s help, ACME’s workflows have significantly been simplified and automated workflows, whilst maintaining compliance.

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