IT Relocation and Data Migration

Company Info

Address: Level 7, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Contact: +61 3 9615 5200

WingArc Australia was previously known as Space-Time Research. Founded at Melbourne University in 1986, we have specialised for over 30 years in developing software tools and solutions for many of the world’s leading statistical organisations, government agencies and commercial enterprises. Our SuperSTAR suite changes the way people explore, build and share information, making the process simple, secure and rich in meaningful insights.

In 2017 we became WingArc Australia following our acquisition by WingArc1st, Japan’s market leading provider of business intelligence, document management and enterprise analytics software.

The Challenge

CoreMind were engaged to plan their office move which was complex. They had 2 racks worth of equiptment. They had servers, backups and UPS which had a really complex switching.

Our Solution

CoreMind worked around these complex office move by installing a single wall mounted 12 RU rack with one router, one server, and one UPS in it because CoreMind re-architected their solution to be almost entirely cloud and that was cloud infrastructure except for file server for large files. We also had a backup server in the corner of the office and we implemented cloud backup as well. Everything was automatically monitored.

The Results

The ongoing IT infrastructure maintenance expense was dramatically decreased from $5000 a month to $300 a month.It was a major re-architecture and essentially self-sufficient.

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