Modem routers–unsexy but important

By September 21, 2012Buying Advice, ProductReviews

Here at CoreMind, we’re into hardware testing in a big way. Not all hardware is created equal, and paying more for hardware is not an assurance of better quality. Doing our own stress testing on the network, storage and desktop hardware we deploy gives us confidence that we give our clients fantastic reliability and value for money.

Our clients don’t really mind what kind of modem they have–but they would definitely mind if their connectivity went down! For that reason, we’ve been deploying Billion‘s rock-solid router products for years. A by-word for reliability, the Billion 7800N and 7800NL work tirelessly in nearly all our smaller (sub 5-seat) clients. For our managed IT deployments, CoreServer does the heavy lifting, pushing the features up into enterprise class networking.

So we weren’t surprised when supplier Warcom recently ranked these modems at #1 and #5 on their top 5 ADSL modem routers. Judged on consumer satisfaction and low problem rates, it’s also better value for money than some of its rivals.The 7800N was also awarded ‘Best of 2010’ by CNet Australia.