IT Relocation and Systems Migration Services

Migrate your data and IT equipment while reducing the risk of outages. CoreMind are experts on various systems migrations. Our project management driven approach and agile methodology are top notch. We will take care of your IT systems need from providing a comprehensive plan and timeline; to assemble, connect and test your equipment ensuring it would be ready for your staff to use as soon as possible.


Project Management Driven Approach

Agile Methodology Systems & Processes

IT Architecture Strategy To Work For You

Seamless Relocation & Specialised Change Management Techniques

Stay ahead of the curve and put CoreMind’s IT Architecture and Strategy to work for you!

Cloud computing, big data, the Internet of things and more: current trends promise to change Professional Services and Non-Profit IT architecture for good. In an environment that changes this fast, you can’t afford to miss a beat or make a mistake.

Whether you are moving to another floor, building or suburb, CoreMind’s IT Relocation and Systems Migration services can save you both time and money which can help you stay one step ahead and turn your business and organisation into a competitive advantage!

Consolidate & Relocate

Meet critical availability requirements by using specialised systems migration techniques.

Map Dependencies

CoreMind can improve the asset discovery process to help provide a seamless relocation.

Modify Equipment

This offering provides equipment modifications, upgrades, installation and systems testing.

Partner With Us To Manage Your IT Security

Let CoreMind manage your firewall, anti-virus software, networks, printers, phone systems – and more – you use each day. Our Managed IT services encompass storage, cloud, virtualisation, collaboration, mobility, and more. We’ll perform asset management. We’ll manage your firewall security, backup and disaster recovery.

CoreMind’s centralised security management has been built over years, ensuring the best possible solutions are offered for Cyber-Security. We monitor all traffic, including encrypted traffic, as it tries to enter your network. Our team works 24x7x365 to provide the best monitoring and security services in the industry.

And, we’ll find the best ways to keep you connected with your customers.

Why Choose CoreMind’s IT Relocation and Systems Migration Services?

IT Architecture Strategy To Work For You

Based on the identification and definition of three levels of IT needs and solutions: strategy, architecture, and infrastructure. Mapping into this hierarchy helps businesses and organisations ensure that potential technology solutions are driven by actual business requirements, not the reverse.

Seamless Relocation & Cloud Migration

CoreMind develops a strategic migration plan where all tasks are designed, executed and tracked when the move date arrives. Once the project is complete, We assist with the IT decommissioning effort at the site being vacated.

Specialised Change Management Techniques

CoreMind’s goal is to apply a systematic approach for helping the individuals impacted by “the change” be successful by building support, addressing resistance and developing the required knowledge and ability to implement the change.

IT Relocation Expert with Virtual CIO Layer

Relocations require a unique blend of technical knowledge and architectural expertise to lead the planning, design, budgeting and management of the work effort. CoreMind is comprised of a diverse team with network, storage, security, application development, structured cable plant, and telecommunications backgrounds.

Clients We’ve Worked With

Whether its an IT consultation, a managed IT service or a software development, we all take the “doing the job right the first time” approach and provide the same care and attention to ensure we make your work easier.

Since 2008 we have worked on projects for businesses across SMEs and non-profit sectors.

What Others Have Been Saying…

Don’t take our word for it. Check out CoreMind’s clients’ testimonials.

We at CoreMind did the job of handling their office move which is very complex. We made their 2 racks worth of equipment into a single wall mounted 12 RU rack with one router, one server, and one UPS. Everything including their cloud backup was automatically monitored and we turn the ongoing IT infrastructure maintenance expense from $5000 a month to $300 a month.

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Indrani Tharmanason
Chief Financial Officer – SpaceTime Research

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