What is an Entrepreneur?

By July 2, 2012Entrepreneurship

I was recently asked by CEO Blog Nation what it means to be an Entrepreneur. It’s a question I’ve often asked myself and one I find there are multiple answers to. The answer I gave was:

The derivation of the word ‘Entrepreneur’ is ‘one who undertakes’. To me, this means not just one who begins something, but one who does so in the face of adversity and ridicule; against “accepted” wisdom and with only secondary regard to economics. It is a highly intuitive thing. Logic has its place, but in “filling the gaps” not driving the strategy. It means being extremely comfortable with risk, yet viewing the undertaking of such risk, in aggregate, as less risky than not doing so. I started my business to perpetually fund innovative ideas so I would be free of the shackles of traditional investors’ anti-entrepreneurial demands.

Here’s another 21 to ponder.